Friday, May 18, 2012

volume 4 "Blastoff with Hairyartist"

at last Volume 4 is ready for you. I chose the cream of the crop of videos I've made since Volume 3 last October, along with some earlier videos that haven't been featured on my earlier DVDs, freshly converted to HD/.avi format; 76 minutes in total. Click on the tracklist above to enlarge it. Signed in sumi ink on archivally printed sleeve notes and collaged label, including a liner card with the tracklist on the back.  30 plus 2.75 shipping in the US. (outside US please enquire)

Hairyartist Vol.4 inscribe to:
If you have one of the box sets of Volumes 1-3 and wish this completing volume with title card (shipped in a protective envelope but no case), it will run 20 plus 1.75 shipping in the US.

Hairyartist Vol. 4(caseless):

And finally, if you would like to buy Volumes 1-4 in a 4 disc box set, saving 30$ over the cost of buying all 4 separately (90 + 4.95 shipping in the US), click here:

V.1-4 box set:inscribe to:

I'l share more pix in the coming days. Thanks for your support!